Knoxville TN DUI Attorney

Hiring a competent DUI attorney in the Knoxville area could significantly impact the results of a case. A DUI arrest is no light matter.

About DUIs

Drinking and driving, otherwise known as “driving under the influence” (DUI), is illegal in Tennessee. The DUI laws in Tennessee have many parts, including blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for minors and adults, criminal sentences, fines, driver’s license revocations, and implied consent to alcohol testing for all drivers.

Blood Alcohol Limits

Tennessee has a blood alcohol level at which the state presumes the driver is drunk. This is set at .08 in Tennessee. In addition, having an extremely high BAC of .20 or above, can result in even higher penalties in the state.

For children and adults under the drinking age of 21 years old in Tennessee, the state has a “zero tolerance” policy. If a person under 21 has a BAC of .02 while driving, even if not drunk, the person can be found to have committed a DUI. If a young person ages 16-20 is found guilty of impaired driving, their license will be revoked for one year, they will receive a $250 fine, and the court can impose community service upon them.

Don’t fight alone!

If you are facing a DUI charge in Tennessee, it is in your best interest to reach out to a Knoxville TN DUI Attorney to discuss your case and learn about your options. Schedule a consultation today!