Is it Better to get a Lawyer for a DUI?

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You might find yourself asking the question “Can a lawyer really help with DUI?” The answer depends on the situation. A lawyer can do many things to assist in your case, but he/she is not all powerful.

A DUI is no small matter. It’s a serious crime. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can be very helpful during this difficult time. An attorney knows the court system well and will proactively work toward the best resolution for you. He or she may also be able to uncover vital evidence that could strengthen your case since an attorney likely has better investigative resources than you do as a layperson. At the same time, there are pros and cons of hiring someone besides doing it yourself (DUI information websites like ours included). Continue reading below to learn more about the risks and benefits associated with both options.

If you hire an attorney as opposed to going with appointed attorneys, there is a chance that you may avoid a drunk driving conviction. Your legal representation won’t be able to have the final say, nor will the police officer. You’re really at the mercy of judges. Prosecutors involved in the case may lead judges to believe that you’re guilty, but hiring an experienced DUI attorney might make the difference in convincing the judge that you aren’t.

Private DUI Lawyer

When it comes to choosing legal counsel, you’ll usually have the option of going with a public defender. They may be just as competent as other attorneys, but by going with a good lawyer that has a reputation for dealing with these cases, you may find yourself in better hands.

Depending on the evidence, you may be told to simply plead guilty for your DUI charge, even with a private lawyer.

If evidence shows without a doubt that a breath test indicates a high blood alcohol level for your first DUI charge, you may find yourself with a DUI conviction in the end.

DUI charges might get reduced with a plea bargain. In some cases the arresting officer may not have all the evidence needed to convict a serious offense. A guilty plea may also reduce the penalty. But in the end, it’s really up to the judge.

Most states have a public defender’s office where criminal defendants can take on a lawyer paid for by the state. But again, going with a private criminal defense lawyer might be a better option for you if you prefer to go the route of taking on someone that has experience and reviews for dealing with these types of cases.

Is a DUI lawyer worth it?

When you find yourself in court for driving under the influence and in violation of the law, it might be worth it to you to know that the person you’re working with is highly experienced in criminal law.

The person who has a public defender appointed may not be aware of their experience. A public defender might also not feel the need to work out a plea deal, or put in the extra work to keep you out of jail, if their source of income is entirely based on appointed cases, rather than on reputation (such as the case with private law firms).

When you’re going through a traffic stop and you’re given a breathalyzer test, the last thing on your mind is hiring legal counsel. But there will come a point when the question arises.

What can a lawyer do for a DUI?

In Knoxville, the district attorney’s office will offer you a deal. They’ll take away the administrative license suspension, but if you plead guilty to the DUI charge – which is not technically an offense under Tennessee law – they’ll reduce the penalty from six months’ jail time to 45 days. The court will impose probation and fines; then they’ll send that record to your insurance company, who will ratchet up your rates for three years. Higher insurance rates means more money out of your pocket.

If you plead innocent, prepare yourself for a long afternoon in court on top of all this: half a day waiting in line before they call your case (and maybe another full day off work or school), plus several hours of legal proceedings.

if the evidence shows that the police officer had probable cause to pull you over, you gave your consent to a sobriety test, your blood alcohol content was above the legal limit, and you’re found guilty, you may be looking at severe penalties including limitations on your driver’s license, or even having your driver’s license revoked, along with much more.

If the evidence shows that the police officer did not have probable cause to pull you over, prosecutors will drop the case before trial, and you’re out no money. Your lawyer can work with you to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

Don’t waste your time with a DUI–get yourself a lawyer who knows how to win cases like yours.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous enough; don’t compound that danger by adding possible jail time, expensive legal bills, license suspension, criminal records, fines and loss of income due to missed days at work or school.

Can a DUI get dismissed?

You may be asking yourself “can DUI charges be dismissed?” The truth is that how DUI cases get dismissed is with the confidence in the judge that you weren’t in fact in violation of the law.

The DUI lawyers job is to place that confidence in the judge while in the court. If it’s found that there is no evidence of drinking and driving, the DUI case might get dismissed.

Contact legal representation today to get more information on how a DUI case might get dismissed or a sentence reduced. The law can be very complicated for a person who is unfamiliar and if you hire an attorney, you might find things could get to be a lot easier.

DUI Arrest Procedures

There are several things involved in DUI arrest procedures including the field sobriety test, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, PAS breath testing device and so on.

Legal representation can deal with all the evidence involved in the case including any testimony made by police officers or witnesses. They may also look for DUI paperwork errors.

When you engage legal representation for a DUI, it might be possible that your attorney deals with everything involve to ultimately get you acquitted.

Remember that when engaging DUI lawyers, contact someone who deals with DUI cases every day.  

Further Questions and Answers

DUI arrests are no light matter. Deciding on if you want to work with public defenders or private DUI attorneys is a good thing to look into. Some other frequently asked questions are:

  • Is a DUI lawyer worth it?
  • Is it smart to get a lawyer for DUI?
  • Is it worth getting a lawyer for a DUI?
  • Should I get a lawyer for first time DUI?

These are all basically the same question rephrased. Criminal cases handled by a competent DUI attorney who offers free consultation may result in better outcomes.

Whether you go with public defenders or the private route, it should be important to you that your DUI charges are dealt with by a good lawyer.