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If you or a loved one has experienced a DUI in Knoxville or the surrounding areas, be sure to get proper legal representation.

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DUI Knox County Disclaimer

Knoxville TN DUI Attorney

If you or a loved one has been arrested for violation of Tennessee DUI laws be sure to contact a competent criminal defense attorney today. Being convicted is not a light matter. DUI charges are serious and can have many consequences such as jail time, loss of driver’s license, expensive fines and an increase in car insurance rates. A conviction for this offense will be on your permanent record. There are many types of criminal charges a person can have. Some are misdemeanors, while others are felonies. A misdemeanor charge is serious but the penalties are light in comparison to a felony conviction. It can affect your life just as drastically. A Knoxville DUI is charged as a Class C Misdemeanor offense which categorizes it under general misdemeanors. If you have previous DUI convictions on your record the charge will automatically be upped to a Class A Misdemeanor with harsher consequences for being convicted multiple times for this offense within five (5) years of another DUI conviction. Being convicted for a third time carries jail time up to 11 months, 29 days and fines between $350-$1000 plus court costs. You will also get an 18 month suspension of your drivers license. That isn’t all that could happen. Other penalties could include getting your vehicle towed and impounded, attending an alcohol safety school, having an interlock device put on the car you drive and having to do community service. You will also be required to attend a 12-hour substance abuse course and install an ignition lock device on the car you drive for one year. If this is not done within 90 days of your conviction date, your driver’s license suspension starts without any chance of appeal. When it comes to DUI arrests in Knox County, there are ways that a criminal defense team can help such as asking that the prosecutor reduce or dismiss your charges based on insufficient evidence; having licenses reinstated; lawsuits filed against police officers; accidents investigated; underage drinking offenses handled; drug offenses possibly reduced with minimal penalties and much more. This is often part of the legal services law firms offer. You might be able to temporarily reduce your jail time if you request a good behavior bond. This is where the judge will release you from custody pending a later trial date in exchange for a promise that you won’t get into any more trouble or violate your conditions of bail during the interim period between now and then. However, this option is only available if the judge decides that you are not an “unacceptable risk.” If there is even one incident, however trivial it may seem, the judge has the discretion to revoke his/her offer of a good behavior bond. You must also understand that it’s entirely at their discretion whether or not they’ll honor your good behavior bond.

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases in Knox County, Tennessee can be quite complicated and you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about these kinds of cases. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, it’s crucial to secure your freedom by having your criminal case properly handled by experienced criminal defense lawyers. A good attorney will make every effort to help you avoid costly fines and lengthy prison sentences by doing whatever they can for mitigating circumstances such as these: getting drug classes instead of jail time; past good behavior; military service; lack of prior offenses; assistance in securing employment upon release from prison; etc. Knoxville DUI attorneys will work with you on alleged criminal defense and DUI charges that you may be going through. In many cases, this also includes felony DUI and underage DUI throughout East Tennessee. The best DUI lawyers sometimes ask questions about your history with criminal justice, including things like:
  • Have you had previous DUI offenses?
  • Did you undergo field sobriety tests?
  • Do you have a previous drunk driving charge?
  • What was your blood alcohol concentration at the time?
  • Did the police officer read you your rights?
  • Have you had previous criminal offenses including federal crimes?
DUI cases can be devastating to your future if the outcome is unfavorable. A criminal conviction is not a light matter. This is why it’s always best to hire a top Knoxville DUI lawyer in order to fight for your rights. You can find out more by contacting one for a free consultation. The answers to these questions might be used against you in your criminal trial to build the prosecution’s case, but this is not always true. Sometimes, these answers are inadmissible evidence in court that could jeopardize the outcome of your case. This is in part because they are very legally complex cases; there are many laws and regulations involved, so it often helps to have an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side who understands these laws and knows how they affect prosecutions . Cases can be extremely complex , which is why people facing drunk driving charges may wish to contact a top Knoxville DUI lawyer.

DUI Defense

You may find that a criminal conviction will require you to do mandatory jail time. DUI penalties vary greatly depending on the severity of the incident. Convicted individuals may be required to pay a fine, serve time in jail, attend mandatory alcohol or drug treatment programs and complete community service. You could also lose your driver’s license for a period of time. Tennessee law may deem that your blood alcohol content was above the limit and that you were in fact driving under the influence. Most might consider that this isn’t simply a minor traffic violation. Defense strategies implemented by your legal representation might make a big difference in the outcome of your case. In the end, it will be up to the legal system as to whether or not you’re going to have to deal with a criminal charge for your drug crimes or DUI offense. Even underage consumption can be difficult to deal with when it comes time to be heard on your court date. Law firms typically understand the legal process and can guide you through the justice system for criminal cases. DUI defense law can be a complicated subject for a person who isn’t familiar, and arrests that also involve drug possession can be detrimental to your future. Further, drivers in Knox county may not be familiar with the laws, and find themselves involved in implied consent violation. If you are an adult, then avoid drinking alcohol in excess. The more that you drink the greater risk that you take on for an offense. Legal services required for your DUI arrest may be crucial. Look out for experienced criminal defense lawyers that offer free consultation about your Tennessee DUI case. A DUI defense law firm might make a big difference in the outcome of your court date. Looking into it, you may find DUI law podcasts talking about having a case reduced to reckless driving. It’s like there’s a science surrounding DUI laws. The court in Knoxville TN might not do that for you, but someone experienced in DUI cases may have a strategy in place to work towards those kinds of results.

DUI Law Firm

Criminal defense typically includes legal services to those in need of DUI defense, whether driving a day to day vehicle or a commercial motor vehicle. Driving under the influence and receiving a DUI charge is something that an experienced law firm should understand. For people looking for an attorney, they should not hesitate to conduct a search. Don’t be fooled by inexperience of your counsel. You can find Tennessee DUI lawyers that have more experience under their belts than most attorneys will in their entire careers. Stay away from the contenders who make excuses or claim to be knowledgeable about criminal law but are actually newbies with little knowledge on what’s involved. Recommendations are helpful when it comes to finding the right lawyer for your needs, too. The more information you have, the easier it is for you to get on track with legal representation that gives you the best chance of avoiding conviction and incarceration due to poor representation.